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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What a State we are in

If my bus to work was hijacked by pirates I would not willingly pay the fare - only at the point of a gun.

To my mind, there is only one form of non-violent revolution we can undertake and that is withholding our cooperation with the state: in each and every way we can.

The state no longer represents the interests of the people (as if it ever did). No guilt should be felt in this process of revolution - that guilt is a false paradigm to which we have been endlessly trained.

The state must end: we will not change the state, it is irrevocably corrupt. This state has us in its grip and that grip looks to be only set to tighten, tighten till we become so weak we can struggle no more.

There are those who rest in ignorance of this truth - for now they are the many. There are those who would do the state's bidding, for their own gain. And there are the awake. The awake, few though they may be, outnumber the state's insiders more than ten to one - these insiders need to be, and rightly always have been, fearful.

We must dismantle the state before the installation of the mechanisms of totalitarian control are imposable to resist. Those who do not see this, I believe, are regrettably lost in denial.

Protest by denying the state your cooperation and your tithe wherever you can. How can you be breaking an honourable law if that law is one of an illegitimate state? Only when we refuse to respect the state's authority will its usurped power be defused.

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