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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

PressEurop - a free and fair press NOT

Let us have a little look at PressEurop and see what delights behold us there today. Oh this looks interesting: in 'Blog Europhrenia' Jason Walsh's entry is titled 'EU and the abdication of sovereignty'

So what has the lad from the Emerald Isle got to say on this matter? "Eurosceptics have been harping on for decades about how the EU is an assault on national sovereignty" damn and darn those silly indecisive sceptics, always 'harping on' about disundat they are.

He continues; "In fact, there is nothing inherently wrong with the idea of EU integration but it must only proceed on a democratic basis". Well that's a 'fact' then Jason, a fact to be sure.

PRESSEUROP.EU's own, so called, EDITORIAL CHARTER confesses to a clear agenda of intent; 'to present public discussion of a wide range of issues relating to the European Project and “bring the European Union to life” through the prism of press coverage'.

Now I do not think I am dealing with semantics here if I take this to mean they want to “bring the European Union to life” - like Dr. Frankenstein - and are conversely clearly not wanting to 'kill the wretched thing off' nor, one can reasonably assume, do they really want to report in a fair and balanced way and see if it is actually 'living or dead' at any given moment.

In fairness they sort-of do admit to it actually being not alive, from the outset, as you cannot bring to life something that is already alive - if you get my drift.

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