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Thursday, 2 November 2006

The true controversy over the Hutton Inquiry

Lord Hutton is wrongly suggesting that controversy over his report is because he had white-washed the truth of how Tony Blair took our nation to war in Iraq. This question was not specifically relevant to his terms of reference.

The true controversy is over how the Hutton Inquiry supplanted the process of the Coroner's Inquest, commencing instead on the basis of an assumed premise for Dr David Kelly cause of death and then, without sound investigation or due legal process, inappropriately coming to a finding that his death was suicide, whilst deflecting national attention with the shenanigans between Downing Street and the BBC.

Lord Hutton has whitewash on his hands.

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  1. Absolutely right - I sincerely hope that there will in time be a chance for the truth to be properly investigated. It's laughable that the government keep bleating that there have been 4 inquiries of which this was one. But the fact that in NONE of them was there a sufficient remit makes them evidentially useless. This matters.


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